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  • EV-Ultra CAT5
    Power and data connectivity combined in one cable (CAT5)


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    Power and data connectivity combined in one cable (CAT5)

    Product Code: EV-Ultra CAT5

    Product Description

    ev ultra

    This cable is designed for use in the installation of electric vehicle charge points. The cable incorporates power conductors and a 4 pair category 5 enhanced screened data cable, encapsulated in a double sheathed design for extra protection.

    These cables are designed to be installed in air, clipped to surface, on cable tray/ ladder work and embedded in concrete. The cables can be laid direct in the ground providing that suitable additional mechanical protection is in place.

    Product Details

    Product CodeNumber and Nominal Cross Sectional Area of Conductor (mm)Nominal Stranding of Conductor (mm)Nominal Radial Thickness of insulation (mm)Nominal Overall Diameter of bedding (mm)Galvanised Steel Wire Armour (mm)Nominal Radial Thickness of Sheath (mm)Approximate Overall DiameterApproximate Weight (kg/km)
    EV-ULTRA3C4.0CAT53x4.0 + Data7/0.850.712.5N/A1.014.8315
    EV-ULTRA3C4.0CAT5SWA3x4.0 + Data7/0.850.712.
    EV-ULTRA3C6.0CAT53x6.0 + Data7/1.040.713.6N/A1.016.0410
    EV-ULTRA3C6.0CAT5SWA3x6.0 + Data7/1.040.713.

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