About Us Who are Doncaster Cables?

  • Manufacturing since 1984

    Since 1984 we have continued to invest in both site expansion and machinery.

    We now control every aspect of cable manufacturing, including wire drawing, compounding, lay-up, extrusion, final winding and testing.

    This allows us to be at the forefront of product development, and to manufacture cables that meet the requirements of electricians, consultants and specifiers alike.

  • Wire drawing

    Investment in our wire drawing facility allows us to manufacture copper wires to our own exacting standards.

    We go above any beyond British, European and International Standards to ensure both the highest product quality, and an easy product to install.

    Our copper wires are annealed to extremely high standards to give added flexibility and durability during installation. And we are processing 100’s of tons per month

  • Compounding

    Our compound facility allows us to manufacture compound to our own specific recipes.

    Each cable is assessed for how it is installed and what characteristics are important for the installer. Then specialist grades are compounded for each cable type.

    Our T&E grades are soft and easy to strip, SWA grades are impact and abrasion resistant, flex grades are flexible and have a nice shiny appearance. We set our own testing criteria which is higher than required in the relevant standard, and focused on what is important for the installer.

  • Bunching and Stranding

    We have multiple bunching and stranding machines that we use to twist together copper wires to form Class 2 or Class 5 conductors.

    Controlling this aspect of production gives us the ability to manufacture a wide range of conductors from a limited amount of raw materials.

    A shorter supply chain means we can react quickly to customer requirements, as well as control the technical characteristics of our copper wires

  • Insulation

    Significant investment in a large variety of extrusion equipment, combined with the ability to manufacture our own wires and compounds, allows us to produce a wide range of products.

    Our insulation lines run at high speed (up to 1000 meters per minute) and the insulated cores are continuously tested at high voltage to ensure electrical integrity throughout the entire length of the cable.

    Across our machines we process polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cross linked polythenes (XLPE), low smoke non halogen (LSNH), silicone rubber and more.

  • Core Assembly

    A range of machinery to assemble/lay-up cores gives us the opportunity to make the largest range of cables in the UK.

    Being in control of this process allows us to set machine parameters that effect flexibility, durability and usability of products.

    Our equipment and knowledge mean that we can make cables to both established standards, in addition to custom-made specialist requirements, and innovative new products. All whilst again continually testing at high voltage to ensure electrical integrity.

  • Wire Armouring

    We process tons of steel wire in a variety of diameters through our wire armouring machines.

    These machines add a layer of mechanical protection in the form of galvanized steel across a range of our products.

    The coverage of steel wire is higher than most competitors as we add value in the form of extra protection, rather than cheapening the design and reducing the amount of steel wires to a level that offers less protection.

  • Sheathing

    Multiple sheathing extruders allow us to offer a huge range of product types, and to achieve the ‘one stop shop’ goal for electrical wholesalers.

    Special compound grades give our cables features and benefits in terms of aesthetic appearance, stripability, ease of routing, ease of dressing and many more.

    Our extrusion operators are very experienced and produce the highest quality products.

  • Testing

    Our laboratory contains all of the test equipment needed to test our cables above and beyond the relevant standards.

    Every drum of our cable is tested at high voltage to ensure electrical integrity.

    More in depth testing is conducted on a regular and defined basis which includes (but is not limited to), tensile strength, elongation, cold impact, cold bend, water absorption, long term insulation resistance, thermal ageing tests, fire testing and many, many, more!

  • Final Winding

    A variety of winding machines allows us to package our cables in lengths for all requirements.

    From small short length retail style coils, to 100m reels, to large 1500mm drums. We can cater for all needs to ensure we even add value at the final winding stage.

    Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and already contains recycled content, as we are always trying to reduce our impact on the environment.


    Since 2012 we have been taking active measures to reduce our impact on the environment.

    We have achieved this through many initiatives and investments and continue to look to reduce this further.

    We are about to achieve Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon neutrality, and our sustainability efforts do not stop at CO2 emissions but include waste management, water reductions and local supply chains.

  • 100% Renewable Energy

    Our entire site is powered by 100% Ofgem certified renewable energy.

    Combined with £1,000,000+ investment to remove our reliance on natural gas, our CO2 intensity measure has reduced by over 98% since 2012. And we aim to offset the final 2% by the end of 2024.

    Energy monitoring systems, AC drives, lighting upgrades, electric vehicles and other initiatives have also been instigated to reduce our energy usage.

  • ZERO Waste to Landfill

    Zero waste is our long-term philosophy and goal.

    Until we achieve that milestone, by working with our waste management suppliers we can ensure that our operation is zero waste to landfill.

    However, we still prioritize the reuse and reduction of waste before recycling.

  • Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

    Currently 93.7% of our waste is sent for reuse (with the remaining 6.3% not going to landfill)

    Segregation of waste onsite allows us to find the best possible reuse of materials with the help of our reuse partners.

    We also actively work with our suppliers to achieve a circular economy of packaging materials; and currently 67% of supplier packaging is returned to them for reuse

  • Low Carbon Products

    We have long term relationships with our suppliers and can provide low carbon product alternatives.

    We can offer low carbon or ‘green copper’ in our products. This copper has less than half of the CO2 emissions than the global average for copper cathode.

    This is an example of where we can offer products with a lower embedded CO2 emission that is third party validated with calculations in accordance with the GHG protocol.


    We continue to challenge ourselves to innovate for the electrician.

    We aim to bring solutions to give electricians the benefits of quicker, neater and easier installations.

    Our Patented EV-Ultra® has already changed the way that installations requiring power and data connectivity can be made.
    PV-Ultra® (Solar and Storage 2023 Product Innovation of the Year) is specifically designed to bring installer benefits for the DC connection of PV systems.

    We are here to add value at every stage of the process, and to make electricians lives easier.

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