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    Tri-Rated Switchgear and Panel Wiring Cables



    • Flexible Plain Annealed Copper

    Tri-Rated Switchgear and Panel Wiring Cables

    Product Code: TRI-RATED

    Product Description

    Manufactured to :

    • BS 6231 Type CK
    • Underwriters Laboratory Listed. Conforms to subject 758 Appliance Wiring Material for Styles 1015, 1028, 1283 and 1284 where applicable.
    • Canadian Standards Association approved. Complies with Standard C22.2, No.127, Type TEW.

    Oil Resistance :

    • This cable is recognised by CSA and UL as resistant to oil at temperatures up to 60°C

    Spread of Flame :

    • Tested to BS EN 60332-1-2, VW-1 and FT-1

    Temperature range :

    • UL and CSA recognised as heat resisting with a maximum conductor operating temperature of 105°C. BS6231 specifies a maximum operating temperature of 90°C for continuous use. Annex A of BS6231 explains how under certain conditions these cables can operate at up to 105°C.

    These cables are intended for use in the wiring of switch, control, metering, relay and instrument panels of power switchgear, and for such purposes as internal connections in rectifier equipment and its motor starters and controllers. They are intended for use at alternating voltages not exceeded 600 V to earth, and direct voltages not exceeded 1000V to earth. When installed in the equipment they are suitable for wiring circuits for which the prescribed alternating test voltage does not exceed 4kV r.m.s for 1 minute.

    By being approved to three international standards Tri-Rated cable is suitable for equipment installations required to meet both North American and European wiring regulations and codes of practice.

    Product Details

    Reference Number Nominal Cross Sectional Area of Conductor (mm2) Nominal Stranding of Conductor (mm) Nominal Overall Diameter (mm) UL Style Number Approximate Weight (kg/km) Maximum Current Rating (Amperes)
    TR0.5 0.516/0.2 2.610151211
    TR0.75 0.7524/0.2 2.810151514
    TR1.0 132/0.2 310151817
    TR1.5 1.530/0.25 3.310152321
    TR2.5 2.550/0.25 3.710153330
    TR4.0 456/0.3 4.310155141
    TR6.0 684/0.3 5.310157353
    TR710 1080/0.4 7.1102812475
    TR716 16126/0.4 8.71283200100
    TR725 25196/0.4 10.31283295136
    TR735 35276/0.4 11.71283406167
    TR750 50396/0.4 14.51284614204
    TR770 70360/0.5 16.71284795259
    TR795 95475/0.5 18.912841011321
    *TR8120 120608/0.5 20.412841256374

    Weight and dimensional information is provided as an approximate guide only.

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